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Strength Bracelet 2

Strength Bracelet 2Strength Bracelet 2
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12MM Black Onyx Beads with Two 12MM Lava Rocks, Flat Hermatite Beads a Black Rhinestone and Breast Cancer Charm. $35.00

Lord give me STRENGTH! I still hadn’t told my mother the news. It had been three weeks since I was diagnosed and my family felt it had been long enough. My mother knew something was wrong because a day earlier she asked me was everything ok. I lied and said yes. She asked me if I would tell her if there was something wrong. I said of course I would. Another lie. One evening my mother came by my house to drop off a movie. I walked to the car praying every step. I got in the car and said, “Ma, I do have something to tell you, but before I say this I need you to dig deep down inside and pull some strength…I have breast cancer.” My mother put her hand to her mouth and began shaking. “I said ma you are shaking. I know this is a lot to digest, but in all fairness I am going to give you 5 minutes to get out the car, scream, holler, cry or whatever else you feel necessary, but then I need you to get back in the car, put on your seat belt and get on this journey with me.” She was devastated, but stayed strong for me. I got out of the car and watched as she drove away praying that she didn’t crash. She called me the next day and asked me if I felt good about this. I said yes and she did what most mother’s would do…put on her boxing gloves and stepped in the ring.  ROUND ONE!

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