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12MM Labradorite gemstone with two rose quartz beads a Clear Rhinestone and Breast Cancer Charm. $30.00

When I was going through my treatments I met some courageous women and men that were having a tough time paying for meds and being denied crucial treatments due to lack of resources and access. I spoke to women that had to make choices between buying food for their families and paying for medication. I met a woman that needed three more chemo treatments and her insurance was only going to cover one more. She was devastated and said death was upon her. Her words curled my skin and hollowed my stomach. My heart raced as I glanced in her eyes, to see truth that seemed final. I got to know many of the people that were taking chemo or radiation and the stories I heard were disheartening and un-American. I remember thinking this is not right. I had to make it through this valley so I could help these people. Although I am still in treatment for at least another 3 years I vowed when I walked out of that radiation unit for the last time that I would use my life and my story to make a difference in someone else’s life.

For comfort until the cure!

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Overcome Chemo