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12MM Agate Bead with Flat Hermatite Beads a Black Rhinestone and Breast Cancer Charm. $35.00

I began planning my 40th birthday when I was thirty five. My friends and I had plans to paint the town red, but that plan quickly shattered in pieces when I heard the dirt being thrown on my casket, in my mind that is.  I made something a reality that had not happened yet. But this…this was happening; the black burn that once tattooed my left breast had faded into my caramel complexion leaving only a faint indication that death was once upon me. The stabbing pains that resembled miniature heat tacks from the effects of radiation are now tolerable, the surgical scars have healed enough to be distant memories and the flexibility of my arm is slowly returning. I became a fighter over night, a survivor within 6 months and now a warrior. I survived, I persevered, and I overcame, what? Cancer? Well if you have ever had cancer you know that its roots go far deeper than just being an over active cell sometimes gifted through genetics, but often times self inflicted seeds that have planted themselves deep in our psyche and broken spirits.  I watered the roots that allowed cancer to become alive in me so much so that it spun out of control. I had to dig up the root in order to plant new seeds. I had to OVERCOME and I did!


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