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Bronze Moments

Bronze MomentsBronze Moments
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Bronze Moments Bronze Moments

12MM Bronze Pearls Garnished with One Bronze/Gold Rhinestone and Breast Cancer Charm. $35.00


If you were to ask me when the most memorable moments of my life were, I would have to say 1989, in Atlanta Georgia at Clark Atlanta University. You talking about fun?! It was off the chain! I often times find myself in a trance wishing I could relive those moments just one more time, with the same people; some of which are now dead. The running joke was that we went to school back in Martin Luther King Days. I mean we had all the original stuff: iron beds, flying palmetto bugs, lead paint, community bathrooms even Mrs. Johnson, the RA with the 1950 beehive in 1989 when the bob ruled.  There was no air conditioning in the summer and minimal heat in the winter. Yvette, my best friend and I use to plug in our blow dryers, huddle in one bed and turn them on under the covers to keep warm. We would laugh all night about nothing! But now 23 years later I realize how priceless those nothings were and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I took so many moments for granted thinking I would get them back again, but one truism my friend...is that you don’t. 

Cancer made me appreciate every moment of my life and the people encapsulated in them. As sure as I am sitting here typing this journal entry, I realize that if I sat here tomorrow, in the same place and tried to type the exact same thing it would be different. I could never get this moment back gain.

Don’t take any moment for granted, it might be the most important moment of your life…your last! Be present.


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