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Blest bracelets are symbolic of individual stories that represent someone’s COURAGE, PASSION, HUMILITY, EMPATHY, FEAR, SACRIFICE, STRENGTH, FAITH, LOVE and PERSEVERANCE in their experience with breast cancer.

Our bracelets can be found on the wrists of mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, sisters, brothers and friends who all have one thing in common – HOPE.

BLEST is not your typical bracelet. This simple, artistic design was created by breast cancer survivor Erika Bracey, to serve as a constant wearable reminder to breast cancer fighters, survivors and supporters of the importance of healthy lifestyles, mammogram screenings and self-examinations. “My collection is an artful infusion of remnants of my cancer journey. I hand pick every bead /stone and assign it a name and meaning that is reflective of someone’s physical and emotional journey through breast cancer. My bracelets are so much more than a fabulous piece, they carry substance, but more importantly, they mean something to people.”

These fashionable pieces dig down to the essence of the soul and speak to the uninsured, underinsured and underserved individual that needs help to see hope. Billions of dollars are donated annually to the cure but in real time women are suffering and fall into the “Death Gap” because of walls of barriers and disparities that are plaguing their communities specifically the African American community. “No human being should have to stare death square in the eye because they can’t afford to stay alive.” Erika Bracey

“I wanted to design something fashionable that people would want to wear on a daily bases. When I was going through my treatments I met some courageous women and men that were having a tough time paying for meds and being denied crucial treatments due to lack of resources and access. I recall thinking; someone has to be able to help. Someone can make a difference in the lives of these individuals. One day I realized that someone was me.” When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I became a fighter, after treatment they called me a survivor, but today I am a warrior speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves and fighting for the rights and resources for those individuals that don’t have the strength to fight for themselves.”

Blest has assisted women in paying for co-payments, mammograms, medical treatments, making healthy food selections, patient navigation, and so much more. A portion of the proceeds from each bracelet sale will be donated to Different Shades of Pink Charity, which was founded by Erika Bracey to benefit those women who are still battling the disease by providing them with “REAL TIME – RIGHT NOW” needs. For very 15 bracelets sold one will be donated to a fighter or survivor.